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Finding the right brand is important when you are considering hair extensions but knowledge, experience and expertise are paramount.

M Hair Extensions Nottingham is a multi-award winning Platinum Status Great Lengths Salon. This is the highest status attainable for a salon and shared by only a handful across the UK and Ireland.

M Hair the UK's biggest name in hair extensions and is owned and run by the Great Lengths Trade Ambassador, James Henderson.

M Hair have been working with hair extensions since the late 80s making them the unrivalled number one for luxury, expertly applied, bespoke hair extensions and enhancements. Why settle for anything else when you can have Platinum, your hair deserves it.

James Henderson

0% Finance Available

We can now make your dreams a reality by offering you all of our luxury hair extensions at 0% finance.

This means you can now have the hair you want instead of settling for poor quality substitutes and at a price you can afford. At your complimentary consultation you will be advised on the best system for you and will be given a total fixed price. You will then be given the option of spreading the cost over the life span of your new hair.

There are no hidden costs and 0% means 0%. All of our extensions and enhancements are totally bespoke to you. We will take into account your styling routine, lifestyle and budget and will create the best package for you.

Our service also includes full aftercare treatment, maintenance and removal program. Your hair is very important to us and we believe you should never compromise on quality. As a general rule you can expect to pay between £310-£995.

We would love for you to join us for a totally free no obligation consultation to show you what we can offer you and to discover what separates us from the rest.


The Great Lengths Ultrasonic 5000, simply put, is the world's finest system for the application of human hair strands. This "cold fusion" method uses no heat, Ultrasound vibrations soften the Great Lengths hair extension bonds so that it can be wrapped around the hair to form a flat, seamless bond.

The Great Lengths Ultrasonic 5000, simply put, is the world's finest system for the application of human hair strands. This "cold fusion" method uses no heat, Ultrasound vibrations soften the Great Lengths hair extension bonds so that it can be wrapped around the hair to form a flat, seamless bond.

Unlike other systems, where glue guns and wax melting pots are used, the 5000 applicator allows for very clean and precise application. The result is undetectable attachments that are brushable, durable and, most importantly, non-damaging to your natural hair.

Great Lengths supreme quality offers:

●   Thick and long hair
●   Intense and long lasting colors
●   Quality extensions with healthy hair
●   Invisible and comfortable bonds
●   Safe and long lasting bonding with our innovative techniques

The Great Lengths bond uses a blend of polymers that mimic the structure of hair to fuse the extensions to your own hair. The classic shades are an extensive range of black, brown, red, copper and blondes. All our hair is pre-bonded, the pre-attachment of bonds is very important as it means that the correct amount of hair is applied each time giving you completely natural long-lasting results.


It is a sad fact that by the time a woman turns 50 she can have fifty percent less hair than when she was 30 years old. There are obviously plenty of thickening shampoos and styling products that can be used to help to give the illusion of thicker hair but for the best results its simple, add more hair!

Surprisingly, the biggest portion of our client base that come to us for enhancements are women between 40 and 80 years.

Usually if you say the phrase "hair extensions" and most people will think of young women with waist length hair, which is not a look that a lot of us want as we get older!

This is why we have introduced Hair Enhancements, simply put they will enhance your natural hair by giving you back what nature has taken away.

This is a totally bespoke service. Once we meet with you we will discuss your desired look and discuss your lifestyle and styling routines and develop a package exclusively for you. Enhancements will last for between two and for months depending on the rate of your natural hair growth. We will attach the Enhancements to your own hair using an ultrasonic machine this creates a wave or "vibration" action that generates heat within the bond and this allows the bond to surround each individual strand within the group of natural strands the bond is being attached to. This added bonding security allows us to mould the bond attachments into "flat" bond formation without compromising the bond "seal" to your hair.

This is the safest method and means that you will be able to wear enhancements as an ongoing solution.


The Great Lengths Difference

Great Lengths International does not work through hair brokers. Great Lengths operates and employs our own sourcing staff and facilities in India so that we are always 100% sure of our hairs' source.

Great Lengths is the only extension company in the world that guarantees with documented support that all Great Lengths hair has met the following criteria:

Every strand has been donated willingly and with the full consent of the donor.

The donor has been treated with respect and care.

A fair and reasonable price is agreed for the hair and the money paid to the Temples to procure the hair is used solely for charitable endeavors, not for personal or individual profit.

A company representative procures the hair to cut out unreliable middlemen and ensure full and direct knowledge of the origin of the hair.

●   Exclusive in-house production process: Used from procurement of the hair to the wholesale selling of the extension to ensure full and documented traceability. Great Lengths International does not work through hair brokers. Great Lengths operates and employs our own sourcing staff and facilities in India so that we are always 100% sure of our hairs' source.


Indian hair is optimal for the manufacturing of hair extensions.

Great Lengths utilizes only Remy Hair which means that the cuticle layers are all facing the same direction from root to end and, therefore, do not tangle. This also ensures that the extensions behave exactly like your own hair, blending in superbly with yours and looking super natural!

European Hair:

Unsuitable for hair extensions.

European hair is very fine and can be found on the market only in very small quantities. Few European women would be willing to give up their hair to hair companies and, if they did, it would be necessary for their hair to never have been chemically treated. Very unlikely!

Chinese Hair:

Unsuitable for hair extensions.

Even though Chinese hair can be found in large quantities, this type of hair is not compatible with most hair textures. The structure of the cuticle and cortex are formed in a rounded cross-section as opposed to the oval shape of Caucasian hair, making it too thick and rigid to be utilized for extensions. This kind of hair is acceptable for the preparation of wigs and toupes, since these are dry cleaned only, allowing the silicone layer to stay and the hair to remain shiny.

Brushed Indian Hair:

Unsuitable for hair extensions.

Hundreds of thousands of Indian women gather the hair that is collected in their brushes which consists of different lengths, thicknesses and colors. This method of collection results in balls of yarn where the hair lies unorganized in all directions. Because of the inability to insure the cuticle layer of the hair is facing the same direction, it is necessary to submit it to an aggressive acid treatment to strip it of its cuticle layer. Once removed, the hair receives a silicone coating which allows it to remain tangle free after the first few shampoos. The condition and manageability continue to diminish over time.

Patented Bonding Method

Our Keratin:

The method of bonding patented by Great Lengths is of the highest technology. The keratin is a polymer compound whose molecular structure is very similar to that of human hair and respects its same properties and alterations. When wet, hair expands and when dry it contracts back to its natural state. Our keratin moves and behaves like your own hair, ensuring a gentle yet strong hold without damage. Other polymers:

Unlike our keratin, other polymers do not behave like human hair. This means that the Environmental elements will soon deteriorate the bond and the hair starts to fall out. .

Ethicality and Ethos

The origin of Great Lengths Hair

Where does Great Lengths hair come from? This question is posed by women all around the world who are considering hair extensions and their ethicality. We are justifiably dubious about the origin, quality and traceability. While most extension companies source and purchase their hair from a third party, Great Lengths chooses to source hair directly to provide the highest quality 100% real Human Hair that is guaranteed to be ethically sourced and traceable, making it unique in the Extension industry.

Great Lengths sources their hair from the Hindu Temple, Tirumala, where the traditional religious ceremony ′tonsuring′ is practiced. Entire families (men, women, children, grandparents) make the pilgrimage to the temple to voluntarily have their heads shaved. This act of thanksgiving typically takes place before or after a momentous, joyful event.

In order to provide transparency in hair purchasing and processing for our customers, we are the only extension company to employ full time staff based in India to ensure the proceeds from the legitimately purchased hair is funneled directly back into the local community. These monies fund medical aid, education systems and other crucial infrastructure projects.



Have you ever wondered what happens to your hair extensions when the time comes for them to be taken out? Now there is a way to generate new life out of your Great Lengths extensions -  and support a very special cause at the same time.

We are delighted to reveal that the Little Princess Trust has exclusively agreed to accept donations of Great Lengths hair extensions, for use in their real hair wigs for boys and girls across the UK and Ireland who have lost their own hair through cancer treatment and alopecia.

The Little Princess Trust is the only UK and Ireland based charity to work with specialist wig suppliers and hair stylists to tailor wigs to each individual to help restore their own style and confidence, as much as possible.

The collaboration began when James Henderson, owner of M Hair Nottingham, read about the amazing work of the Little Princess Trust and wanted to do something to help.

‟I noticed that so much high quality hair was being removed every day, and thought how this could really make a difference to children′s lives if the hair could be used for wigs. I then decided to approach the Little Princess Trust with the concept of re-using Great Lengths hair extensions as hair donations ̶ I am totally in awe of the great work they do, and I am truly honoured to be able help′ said James.

Monica Glass, Charity Manager at the Little Princess Trust, said: ′Hair loss can be very traumatic at any age, but particularly for young people who may already be experiencing a very difficult time. The fact that Great Lengths only uses 100% human hair for its enhancements was a key reason for us to work with them ̶ we know that using good quality, human hair is the only way to achieve a realistic look for the young people that we support. We would ask that salons encourage all clients to look after their hair extensions so that they have the best possible chance of being donated and manufactured into wigs for the children and young adults that we assist.′



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